Residency by Investment in Argentina - Cost-effective Way

Residency by Investment in Argentina

Updated on Friday 13th August 2021

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Obtaining residency by investment in Argentina is one of the most popular immigration options among businessmen who are looking for a country in Latin America with the right infrastructure and conditions to do business without worrying about distractions and inconveniences beyond their control.
Generally, a residence visa for investment in Argentina has a validity of about three years, but it can be renewed for another three years quite easily if you have the right team of investment experts who are usually lawyers in Argentina.
The authority in charge of granting permanent residency by investment in Argentina is the National Directorate of Migration, which works together with the Argentine consulates in different parts of the world to process applications made outside the country.
Argentina has had its history of political and economic controversies, but it has not ceased to be one of the most attractive markets in Latin America for international businessmen and investors. Getting a permanent residency by investment in Argentina can open doors and opportunities in various growing industries.
If you want to know all the details about residency by investment in Argentina, our law firm can help you.

What does Argentina's residency by investment consist of?

The visa for investors in Argentina is intended for foreigners interested in investing or starting a business in the Republic of Argentina. Investments usually require a minimum of 1,500,000 Argentine pesos and making a full investment project.
What are the general requirements to obtain Argentine residency by investment?
When we talk about obtaining residency by investment in Argentina, one of the things you should keep in mind is that, although this country is known for the ease of its immigration procedures, that does not mean that getting a visa, whatever it is, can be seen as something that anyone can obtain without any preparation.
The type of visa required by people who are wants to obtain permanent residency by investment in Argentina has a series of requirements that you will have to consign to the authorities. Let us see what they are:
  • Valid passport with a minimum validity of six months at the moment of entering the country. It must have a minimum of one blank page available.
  • 2 recent photographs 4x4cm size. Must be in color, white background, and front view.
  • Complete and sign the visa application form.
  • Present the criminal record certificate - duly legalized.
  • Sign the commitment to tell the truth or to present a sworn statement of lack of criminal record in other countries - both subscribed in front of the consul.
  • Make an investment in Argentine territory for the minimum amount established by the government. The investment may be made in production, commercial, or service activities.
  • Commercial and professional references of the applicant.
  • Have a detailed plan of the type of investment and how it is planned to invest in Argentina (if the foreigner has not made any previous investment).
  • Payment of the immigration fee.
  • Other obligations.
In addition to the basic requirements indicated above, the immigration authorities may request additional information, which is very common when it comes to applications for residence visas for investment in Argentina. In order to be prepared for any unforeseen eventuality, we recommend you would be advised by a team of Argentine lawyers.

What are the investment requirements?

The activity carried out by the person in the Republic of Argentina must be related to investment or entrepreneurship in the areas of production, trade, or services; or in any other area that is beneficial to the country, as long as it is lawful.
To make sure that your business plan is in order with the investment options prioritized by the National Directorate of Migration, it is recommended to review the application beforehand with a law firm in Argentina.
The investment you end up making in the country should be enough for the authorities to justify your stay in the Argentine territory for three years. But if you need to stay longer in the country than the visa allows, you may apply for a renewal of your residency by investment in Argentina before the authorities in order to stay in the country for a longer period of time.

Argentina's opportunities for international investors

Opening a business in Argentina becomes a very attractive idea when you keep in mind some factors of this country's economy such as the following:
  • The national currency is devalued against currencies such as the dollar, so your investment capital may yield more than in other jurisdictions.
  • Despite the political and economic situation, there are high levels of foreign direct investments in Argentina (more than 70 billion in 2019).
  • The local government promotes investments in high potential areas such as agriculture, technology, and services.
  • The recovery of the post-COVID economy is a reality, with the growth of more than 5% projected for 2021.
If you want to start your process to apply for an investor visa in Argentina, you will need the help of a team with experience in everything related to the immigration authority of this country. Our team of Argentine lawyers can help you, contact us now