Debt Collection in Argentina

Debt Collection in Argentina

Updated on Friday 31st August 2018

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Debt-Collection-in-Argentina.jpgRecovering debts in Argentina may be in the attention of companies at a certain point. A debt collection agency in Argentina can deal with the procedures in this matter, but complete legal support is recommended before commencing the debt recovery. Our lawyers in Argentina are at the disposal of foreign entrepreneurs interested in recovering assets or money which regards their company in this country. Also, you can solicit legal assistance for business formation in Argentina and investments.

How is debt recovery made in Argentina?

Our attorneys in Argentina will investigate the debt collection cases and will decide on the suitable approach as soon as the information is gathered. In Argentina, an amicable debt recovery procedure is normally commenced, and it is subject to several steps, such as:
  • the company’s accounts and information about the debts are analyzed;
  • a letter of notification with details about the late payments is issued;
  • the next stage is related to the communication between the debt collection agency and the debtors in Argentina;
  • contacting the debtors via the email or by phone is part of the debt recovery procedure;
  • new payment terms in the contract can be then established.
With an extensive knowledge about the legal terms linked to the debt recovery in Argentina, our attorneys will help companies establish the necessary methods for recuperating the money.

Establishing new agreements for debt recovery in Argentina

Our lawyers in Argentina can propose to companies a series of settlements and legal actions to properly recover the debts. We remind that any decision made in this sense will only be implemented in complete agreement with the parties involved. If for any reason, the amicable procedure for recovering the debts has failed, the case may be presented in the courts of law in Argentina after 90 days.

How can our lawyers in Argentina help?

With complete focus on your business purposes, our Argentinian lawyers will ensure that the debt recovery methods will generate the positive results you are expecting. Depending on the debts you need to recover, our advisors will determine the suitable approach in your case, focusing on the legal methods and requirements in this sense.
Please feel free to contact our law firm in Argentina and find out information about how to recover the debts in Argentina.