Open a Business in Argentina

Open a Business in Argentina

Updated on Wednesday 22nd August 2018

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Open-a-Business-in-Argentina.jpgKnown as a solid economic power alongside with big financial centers worldwide, Argentina might represent the proper business destination for foreign investors who are interested in establishing their operations in Latin America. It is recommended to bear in mind the business culture and the related matters, and observe the business aspects which might differ from the ones established in Europe or Asia but knowing that the standard regulations for business are also applicable in Argentina. Dealing with the legal framework linked to the business registration in Argentina can be highlighted by our team of lawyers in Argentina.

How can I register a business in Argentina?

The company formation starts with the requirements imposed by the Public Register of Commerce in Argentina through the local offices. You can easily set up limited liability companies, joint stock companies, limited partnerships, branches and subsidiaries in Argentina. You might want to observe the general rules connected to the registration of a limited liability company, a preferred business structure in Argentina:
  • the name of the business needs to be verified with the Office of Corporations in Argentina;
  • the Articles of Association are the company’s main documents with information about the business structure, the owners, the management, liabilities, etc.;
  • the signatures of the shareholders of the LLC need to be certified;
  • the next step is to register for tax purposes (VAT, social contributions, etc.);
  • the application for the company seal is the next step before incorporation.

Do I need an accounting firm for my company in Argentina?

Yes, most of the foreign entrepreneurs decide on externalizing the accounting services instead of implementing such a department in the company. A team of accountants has sufficient knowledge of the taxation system in this country, in order to provide to companies the necessary support in this directions.

Licenses and permits in Argentina

If you decide for a trading company in Argentina, for example, it is required to apply for the solicited licenses and permits in this matter. Also, if you want to open a company in the food & beverage, construction or financial sectors, it is mandatory to apply for special business licenses and permits. Our Argentinian lawyers are at your disposal with complete legal advice in this matter.

Can I open a branch in Argentina?

Yes, companies from abroad can easily establish branches in Argentina as representative extensions for the activities in the country of origin. If the proof of the existing parent company and the Articles of Association are submitted to the Public Register of Commerce in Argentina, you can consider that the branch registration in Argentina has started.
Knowing the applicable legislation in matters of business in Argentina can offer the needed support for foreigners looking to thrive in this country. Feel free to contact our law firm in Argentina and ask for legal advice when opening a business.