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Law Firm in Argentina

Law Firm in Argentina

Updated on Thursday 23rd September 2021

Argentina is open to foreign investments and it is seen as an appealing and appreciated business hub on an international level. With an expanded and stable economy and complete focus on business transparency and legal framework from the government, Argentina welcomes entrepreneurs from abroad and sustains the environment through all sorts of encouragements. It is though recommended to have an idea about the legal aspects of a business formation and the related matters for which our team of lawyers in Argentina can offer the necessary legal support.

Types of companies to be incorporated with the help of our lawyer  in Argentina

Limited liability companies, stock corporations, simplified shares companies, branches, and subsidiaries can be easily established in Argentina, in compliance with the Law of Corporations no.19550. The limited liability company is the most preferred business entity and it comes with several requirements at the time of registration:
  • the registration starts with the Public Registry and the local office in Argentina;
  • the foreign shareholders of an LLC have 100% ownership in the company;
  • at least two partners can form an LLC in Argentina;
  • there is no need for a minimum share capital for an LLC in Argentina;
  • one needs to verify the name of the future business with the Office of Corporations;
  • an initial start-up capital needs to be deposited at the National Bank in Argentina.
The legal matters of a business registration can be explained by our attorneys in Argentina, so please do not hesitate to contact our team at any time.

Legal support for licenses and permits in Argentina

If your business is subject to special licenses and permits for certain activities, our lawyer in Argentina is at your disposal with legal advice. We can help you apply for the necessary licenses before commencing your activities.

Debt collection in Argentina

Are you having problems collecting debts in Argentina? Our Argentinian attorneys are at your disposal with complete legal support for starting the procedure of debt collection. An amicable procedure for recovering debts in Argentina might be the proper solution for your business in this country. Our advisors have an extensive experience in debt collection procedures, so feel free to get in touch with us.

Company litigation in Argentina

Our experienced team of litigation lawyers in Argentina can handle the litigation cases and can represent you in the court of law at any time. Having a solid legal representation is the key to a positive result in your litigation case.

Can I receive tax advice in Argentina?

Yes, foreign investors can receive legal support in matters of taxation in Argentina. Knowing the tax structure in this country before starting a business is essential for future activities and can help a foreigner deal with the applicable legislation. We can offer tax advice and planning for your business, regardless of the chosen entity in Argentina.

Company liquidation

Closing a company in Argentina is subject to different requirements as established by the legal framework. We can handle the formalities in this sense and we can help you liquidate a company and we can offer support if you would like to open a new one. Talk to our advisors for in-depth information in this matter.
Opening a business in Argentina starts with a comprehensive assistance in terms of registration and legal requirements for which our law firm in Argentina can help. Please do not hesitate to contact our advisors at any time.