Argentina Investment Visa - Great Relocation Option for Foreigners

Obtain an Investment Visa in Argentina

Updated on Saturday 11th December 2021

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Obtain investment visa in Argentina.jpgInterested in obtaining the Argentina investor visa? You should pay attention to the general rules and regulations imposed by the legislation. Argentina immigration requirements can be professionally explained by one of our specialists with experience in this important field, therefore, you are invited to get in touch with our Argentinian lawyers. Plus, if you would like to start a business in Argentina, you can solicit our legal support and representation. We are here to help you relocate to Argentina.

Conditions for obtaining an investor visa for Argentina

An investor visa for Argentina is dedicated to entrepreneurs from overseas who want to do business in this country. Particular requirements need to be respected when applying for this kind of visa, helped by one of our experts in immigration in Argentina:
  1. A minimum investment of USD 150,000 is needed in the first place. Such investments can be made in companies or trading services, to give some examples.
  2. A valid passport is needed.
  3. One must provide information about the experience in the chosen field of investments.
  4. The authorities can solicit a letter of motivation comprising information about the reasons for investments in Argentina.
  5. Information about the source of funds is also requested by the Argentinian immigration authorities.
  6. One should present a business and investment plan for future operations in Argentina.
  7. Having a clear criminal record is another condition imposed for investor visa applicants.
The above-mentioned requirements can be properly managed by our immigration lawyers in Argentina in matters of documents. If you would like more details about Argentina investment visa, please talk to our experts. They can help you relocate to Argentina.

Details about the Argentina immigration process 

The Argentina investor visa is often in the attention of entrepreneurs who want to start a business in this country and enjoy the benefits in terms of profits and more. The immigration process might seem complex without legal support, so asking our Argentinian lawyers for help is quite recommended if you want to move to Argentina. We can offer a free case evaluation to see your requests and help you further. Here are other details about the immigration process in Argentina:
  1. The Direccion Nacional de Migraciones (National Direction of Migration) is the authority in charge of immigration applications. All the documents are verified by this institution.
  2. Next, if the above-mentioned authority approves the documents related to investor visa for Argentina, an entry permit is then issued by the Consular Section.
  3. The investor visa is then issued after concluding a few procedures.
Even family members can join the investor visa programme for Argentina. There are specific conditions mentioned by the Immigration Law in Argentina, so please feel free to discuss further details with our attorneys in Argentina. Please ask us details about Argentina immigration requirements and about how to move to Argentina.

Are there any benefits for an investor visa for Argentina?

Yes, Argentina investment visa comes with varied advantages for applicants. It is allowed to have multiple entries with this kind of visa that has a validity of one year. Permanent residency in Argentina is issued after 3 years and citizenship after 5 years if one shows he/she fluently speaks Spanish. Moreover, the Argentinian passport is provided and allows foreigners to travel in many countries without restrictions or other visas. Plus, dual citizenship is permitted in Argentina which is another great advantage. Talk to us if you want to immigrate to Argentina.

Is there a nationality restriction for an investor visa for Argentina?

No, there are no restrictions in terms of nationalities and investor visa applications in Argentina. One should note that providing information about the business background is required by the immigration authorities. Please discuss further details about how to immigrate to Argentina with our specialists.

Choosing our Argentinian specialists in immigration

The Argentina investor visa can be issued for anyone interested in starting a business in this country. It is recommended that you get an idea of the applicable legislation and how an experienced immigration lawyer can help you, without worrying about procedures and documents. Experience speaks for itself when we collaborate with our clients, in addition to the professionalism we show from the very beginning.
Here are some facts and figures about immigration and population in Argentina:
  1. 0.093/ 1000 persons represents the net migration rate in Argentina, as statistics for the beginning of 2021 say.
  2. More than 45,5 million citizens live in Argentina, according to
  3. Argentina represents around 0.58% of the total population of the world.
  4. Most migrants in Argentine come from countries like Paraguay, Chine, Bolivia, Peru, Italy, Brazil, and even Spain.
Interested in more about Argentina investment visa? We invite you to contact our Argentinian immigration lawyers and see how they can help you from a legal point of view.