Litigation Attorneys in Argentina

Litigation Attorneys in Argentina

Updated on Wednesday 22nd August 2018

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Litigation-Attorneys-in-Argentina.jpgThe cases in which the commercial disputes in Argentina might arise can be handled by our team of litigation lawyers in Argentina. Our advisors have an extensive knowledge of commercial and corporate legislation and can provide you with the necessary legal support in the courts of law in this country. With a proper knowledge of the applicable legislation, our attorneys can determine the suitable approach from a legal point of view. The same team is at your services when opening a business in Argentina and preparing the necessary documents with the authorities in charge.

Who deals the commercial disputes in Argentina?

The federal and the provincial courts in are in charge of commercial cases in this Argentina, in respect to the National Constitution in Argentina. The appellate courts, the supreme courts, the minor courts of justice and the courts are part of the provincial administrations in this country. 

What are the main dispute resolution methods for disputes in Argentina? 

Litigation is the main dispute resolution for commercial cases in Argentina, but before going to the court with the case, there are also alternatives like mediation and arbitration. Instead of a judicial claim that might be time-consuming, it is recommended to solicit information about the arbitration methods from our team of lawyers in Argentina.

Dealing with a commercial dispute in Argentina

A pre-trial mediation is initiated before a judicial claim is submitted to the courts of law in Argentina. If the parties involved do not agree on the case and the evidence involved, the court proceedings can commence, in compliance with the Civil and Commercial Code of Procedure in Argentina. The following steps are part of the typical court proceedings in Argentina:
  • the introductory phase where the cases are presented in the court of law;
  • the evidence stage is the commenced, and proof is at the disposal of the authorities;
  • the ruling and the appeal stage follow the above-mentioned phases in the proceedings;
  • the case closes with the enforcement stage and the verdicts in this matter.

Filing a complaint in a commercial dispute

The proceedings of a commercial dispute start with filing a complaint in this sense, presenting the evidence and the relevant facts of the case, plus complete information about the parties involved. Dealing with a litigation case in Argentina needs an attentive supervision from legal advisors. We remind that our attorneys in Argentina are at your service with legal advice when filing a complaint in a commercial dispute.
Feel free to contact our law firm in Argentina and ask us for legal support in cases of litigation.