Immigrate to Argentina from US

Immigrate to Argentina from US

Updated on Tuesday 27th October 2020

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Immigrate to Argentina from US.jpgUS nationals do not need a visa to enter Argentina if they intend to live in this country for no more than 90 days. However, there are other legal aspects to consider, so you are advised to discuss with one of our Argentinian lawyers and ask for support. Our team of attorneys in Argentina is specialized in immigration issues and can offer optimal solutions adapted to the client's needs.

Conditions to enter Argentina as a US citizen

Because the visa requirement does not apply in Argentina to citizens from the USA, the immigration policies are quite relaxed. Yet, there are other important aspects to consider when immigrating to Argentina:
  1. A valid passport is required, with at least one blank page.
  2. US nationals interested in business or touristic visits in Argentina do not need a visa.
  3. In the case of official and diplomatic passport holders, a visa is required prior to the arrival in Argentina.
  4. The authorities in Argentina cannot issue visas for entering Brazil or Paraguay as a US citizen.
The legal aspects related to the entry requirements of US citizens in Argentina can be completely explained by one of our immigration specialists. It is required to have legal support by your side and prepare your travel accordingly.

 A visa for US citizens for prolonged visits

The Argentinian authorities require a visa for US citizens who intend to live for more than 3 months in this country. In this case, the following documents should be prepared:
  • The passport should have a validity of at least 6 months, otherwise, the authorities in Argentina might refuse the entry.
  • The proof of domicile or accommodation in Argentina is solicited.
  • The return flight tickets are part of the visa application.
  • Information about your financial status is also required.
  • A form with personal information is given by the authorities in Argentina.
Minor children must be accompanied by their parents or tutors to enter Argentina, otherwise, specific conditions might apply. This subject can be properly handled by one of our Argentinian lawyers, so you can get in touch with us at any time if you are a citizen from USA.

The residence requirement for US nationals in Argentina

The Argentinian authorities impose long-term residence permits for US citizens who want to study or work in this country. This means that Americans living in Argentina must register with the local authorities prior to their arrival in the country. The key conditions refer to valid documents and proof of domicile in Argentina. You can discuss all these aspects with one of our Argentinian lawyers. We can help you immigrate to Argentina from US in optimal conditions, concerning the applicable laws.

Can I relocate a US company in Argentina?

Yes, the relocation of a US company in Argentina is possible as long as the conditions are respected. The first step refers to the de-registration of the company from USA and then gather all the documents and prepare the relocation to Argentina. Our team of lawyers in Argentina has experience in company relocation and other immigration matters and can provide optimal solutions tailored to the needs of clients. All the legal terms can be reviewed and debated with our team of specialists in Argentina.

Making investments in Argentina – why start a business

US investors are welcomed in Argentina’s excellent business environment. There is a large number of American businessmen who already thrive with their businesses and profits registered in Argentina. The country provides economic and political stability which is much appreciated by any kind of investor. The business climate provides excellent business conditions, starting with a strategic geographic location and ending with top facilities in terms of logistics and transport, to give some examples. Plus, the legislation related to foreign investments is a plus in front of US citizens who benefit from the same business treatments as domestic entrepreneurs. The visa policies are also relaxed for American citizens. Here are some facts and figures about Argentina’s population and immigration:
  1. According to statistics, around 60,000 US nationals are living in Argentina.
  2. The massive immigration to Argentina from US started in 2002.
  3. Argentina has a population of approximately 45 million people,according to
  4. Argentina represents around 0.58% of the total population of the world.
US citizens who want to enter Argentina and need legal advice can contact our team of lawyers in Argentina. We can provide support and representation so feel free to send your inquiries to us.